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  • Cat in the Brain

    Cat in the Brain

    Fulci playing himself, and some ruddy great gore scenes. Who cares if the rest is a load of twonk.

  • Black Mama, White Mama

    Black Mama, White Mama

    I wouldn't mind being chained to either Pam or Margaret, but the Philippines looks quite unpleasant. I'd much rather have a temperate climate, and a comfortable bed.
    Chain me up but let me keep the key so I can head home when it's done.

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  • The Card Player

    The Card Player


    I'd braced myself for the worst before watching this, so was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't as atrocious as I'd feared. Far from Argento's best work, and as others have said it does feel more like a TV show than a movie. Adjust your expectations accordingly and it might not be so bad an experience.

  • Hostel



    One of those films I felt like I should have seen, so thought I'd give it a go. It isn't very good is it?