Life ★★★★

I'm a world where 'Alien' reigns supreme in the space horror genre, it's refreshing to see a film like 'Life' come around.

Taking a mostly non-fictiom approach to a space horror film, the story follows a group of astronauts who find life on Mars, before they realize it could wipe out the entire human race.

Everyone is on top form here, in particular Rebecca Ferguson whoau as well carry the film. Jake is also really.good, I just wish more was given to his character. The visual effects are to notch and the score by Jon Ekstrand is very tense.

The film still takes some conventional routes with it's premise, which is to be expected in a genre defined by 'Alien' and imitated by so many others over the years.

For some this might be a forgettable horror flick, but for me it's a genuinely frightening look into how astronauts would cope with a brand new life form from a different world.