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  • Holidays



    I tried watching this last year and gave up after the first segment; decided I’d give it another go. I guess it’s watchable but it has such a bizarre lack of humour and glee for a horror anthology. When the stories are as absurd as some of these are, I expect them to have a sense of their own absurdity. I watched it right after Trick ‘r Treat, which did not make for the most flattering comparison. Also, the lack…

  • The Innkeepers

    The Innkeepers


    Mumblecore horror, is that a thing? Sara Paxton is a superstar and makes her character feel so authentic (I couldn't stop laughing at that bit where she's trying to throw a large bag of rubbish into a bin while touching it as little as possible – relatable content). The major problem is that the film isn't scary at all, and the deeper it gets into the actual horror, the less convincing it becomes.

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  • Jackie



    This was fine, but I expected more. I was too conscious of the person on screen being Natalie Portman doing a Jackie Kennedy impression, sometimes to the point that I felt (only momentarily, but repeatedly) like it could've been something out of a comedy sketch. Also, for whatever reason, that Camelot song annoyed the hell out of me. Not as good as Lana's 'National Anthem' video tbh.

  • The Golden Compass

    The Golden Compass


    One of my vast collection of films I've watched about a thousand times because I can stick it on in the background while I'm writing, doing some work, reading a magazine, cooking, cleaning etc and not really have to concentrate. It had the potential to be much better, but I don't actually think it stands up too badly next to the book, even with the altered ending. Some of the casting is good (Nicole Kidman and the Magisterium officials, especially…