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  • Cropsey



    Interesting story – and not overlong, which is always a relief – but felt like it contained an awful lot of unreliable information and unsubstantiated claims in the absence of any real evidence for or against the case.

  • Gemma Bovery

    Gemma Bovery


    An incredibly charming French-language adaptation of Posy Simmonds' graphic novel, itself an update of Flaubert's Madame Bovary – I recently read both, and wanted to watch the film while they were still fresh in my mind. In the title role, Gemma Arterton is sweeter and more likeable than her character is in the book, which in turn makes Joubert's creepy behaviour seem even creepier. (And it's also hard to believe someone so beautiful would be interested in any of these extremely average men, couldn't they find any better-looking actors?) But it is all perfectly pitched and shot, a real treat. So picturesque too.

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  • The Golden Compass

    The Golden Compass


    One of my vast collection of films I've watched about a thousand times because I can stick it on in the background while I'm writing, doing some work, reading a magazine, cooking, cleaning etc and not really have to concentrate. It had the potential to be much better, but I don't actually think it stands up too badly next to the book, even with the altered ending. Some of the casting is good (Nicole Kidman and the Magisterium officials, especially…

  • Jackie



    This was fine, but I expected more. I was too conscious of the person on screen being Natalie Portman doing a Jackie Kennedy impression, sometimes to the point that I felt (only momentarily, but repeatedly) like it could've been something out of a comedy sketch. Also, for whatever reason, that Camelot song annoyed the hell out of me. Not as good as Lana's 'National Anthem' video tbh.