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  • Sing



    I hope I never stop deriving joy from silly films for children.

  • A Cure for Wellness

    A Cure for Wellness


    During the first half of this film, I was in heaven, and all set to give it five stars. It might as well have been made specifically to appeal to my personal aesthetic. You have a fairytale castle in the Alps, creepy doctors and creepy nurses in a creepy hospital, Dane DeHaan playing Martin Shkreli, Jason Isaacs playing his character from The OA, people whispering things like 'there is a terrible darkness here' to each other, EELS, and it all…

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  • The Golden Compass

    The Golden Compass


    One of my vast collection of films I've watched about a thousand times because I can stick it on in the background while I'm writing, doing some work, reading a magazine, cooking, cleaning etc and not really have to concentrate. It had the potential to be much better, but I don't actually think it stands up too badly next to the book, even with the altered ending. Some of the casting is good (Nicole Kidman and the Magisterium officials, especially…

  • Jackie



    This was fine, but I expected more. I was too conscious of the person on screen being Natalie Portman doing a Jackie Kennedy impression, sometimes to the point that I felt (only momentarily, but repeatedly) like it could've been something out of a comedy sketch. Also, for whatever reason, that Camelot song annoyed the hell out of me. Not as good as Lana's 'National Anthem' video tbh.