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  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    I have no great love for the original but, despite a good aesthetic and early potential, this was ultimately too much for me. Loved the house and the way that everything is soaked in a Christmas-tree-lights glow. Hated the horrible backstory and over-the-top gore, and also felt there was no reason to care about any of the characters.

  • Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

    Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping


    Can someone please come and remove the Bin Laden song from my brain, I can’t stop singing it to myself

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  • Merlin



    So many things about this are so good. I always forget how fantastic it is, perhaps because I assume my affection for it is largely due to nostalgia, so watching it after a while of not doing so is always a treat. The cast is amazing and there are some particularly standout performances - Miranda Richardson as Queen Mab (although I hold her responsible for some bad makeup choices in my teens), Helena Bonham Carter as Morgan Le Fey, Martin…

  • The Golden Compass

    The Golden Compass


    One of my vast collection of films I've watched about a thousand times because I can stick it on in the background while I'm writing, doing some work, reading a magazine, cooking, cleaning etc and not really have to concentrate. It had the potential to be much better, but I don't actually think it stands up too badly next to the book, even with the altered ending. Some of the casting is good (Nicole Kidman and the Magisterium officials, especially…