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  • Thoroughbreds



    LOVED. I kept waiting for this to put a foot wrong, and it never did. Atmosphere and tension are note-perfect and I was so impressed with how the relationships between characters were handled. The score is a work of genius – those drums and strings will be plucking and popping and making that yelping-dog sound in my nightmares.

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    Tense af, but... I never really felt like I was given any reason to care about the family in this film, aside from the simple fact of wanting them to survive.

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  • A Warning to the Curious

    A Warning to the Curious


    Basically just like It Follows, but set in deepest rural England, with men wearing knickerbockers, and absolutely no sex.

  • Merlin



    So many things about this are so good. I always forget how fantastic it is, perhaps because I assume my affection for it is largely due to nostalgia, so watching it after a while of not doing so is always a treat. The cast is amazing and there are some particularly standout performances - Miranda Richardson as Queen Mab (although I hold her responsible for some bad makeup choices in my teens), Helena Bonham Carter as Morgan Le Fey, Martin…