Blue ★★½

Derek Jarman filmed this movie right before his death. AIDS-related complications caused him to be partially blind, and what he could see was all in blue.

Blue is all blue, the visual component a never-changing International Klein Blue. The audio consists of soundtrack and narration, both fictional and auto-biographical.

"You say to the boy 'Open your eyes.' When he opens his eyes and sees the light, you make him cry out, saying 'Oh, Blue, come forth! Oh, Blue, arise! Oh, Blue, ascend! Oh, Blue, come in!'"

It'll be a toss-up whether it's boring or enthralling, and honestly it's still hard to decide. I put this on while doing some mindless busywork and still found the audio absolutely elated at times. The score by Brian Eno really cinches it all together for me as the lush, rippling ambient synths and twangs swept me up in Jarman's story far more than I anticipated.

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