Gummo ★★★★

Gummo is a film that I don't especially love and don't know if I could consider a favorite of mine, but I also won't ever forget what I saw and that's already way better than most other movies.

I think what I like the most about this is also what makes it so hard to access. There are various cuts of "docu-style" like segments inserted between the more narrative scenes, and these segments are filmed with such a lo-fi style that it feels way more "real" with how distorted it looks. Like a family gathering taped on a forgotten VHS, there's a certain honesty that hits me way harder than the story. I find the main characters really interesting for sure, but I know that their story is much more designed in contrast; the enigmatic nature of the docu-like sections occupy a space between truth and fiction. I know Solomon and Tummler are constructs, but I have no idea about the ones with blurred-out faces.

"Xenia, Ohio. Xenia, Ohio. A few years ago, a tornado hit this place."

Immediately after finishing this I had no idea what to think. It helped a lot having two people who love it talk about all the things they appreciate, and also to have another first-time watcher who didn't love it as much. Because I think Gummo is a movie that's so wildly different that I truly don't know how to appreciate it.

I'm going to go watch the rest of Korine's movies now.

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