Hovering Over the Water

Hovering Over the Water ★★★★

A love story as pastoral as the painterly compositions it inhabits, Hovering Over the Water is about the overwhelmingly restrained yearning that arises from small gestures: flickers of a smile, peripheral half-stares, a touch that lingers just a little longer than it has to. It's love at first sight veiled behind pleasantries and trepidation, the obstacle not outside circumstance but rather our own self-denial. If our parents love them, our siblings and cousins and children too, then... why can't we? Is there a reason for our inability to act, or do we just no longer trust that we can be happy?

Sometimes good things just inexplicably happen. Years of life experience wear us down until we become jaded and inoculated to joy, and suddenly we can't accept the thought that we deserve love. What seems like a one-inch barrier may really be a mile-tall, and overcoming this can be an epic in and of itself.

This is about that epic, of learning to love again. To love them, and to love yourself.

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