I Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil ★★½

About 20 minutes too long and I wasn't totally sure on it until the finale, but despite the occasional melodrama that sometimes lingers too long (which is kind of a staple in modern Korean cinema) I enjoyed how it escalates.

Unlike a lot of these revenge-porn movies, this one actually managed to shock me. Not necessarily in the actual acts of violence, but more-so the decisions made by the main character. He's on another level of "revenge-porn" where he sets things up that aren't acts of violence themselves but accentuate the actual violence and purposely sets in motion feedback loops. There's a certain "is this genius or simply idiotic" stance you could take on it, and the whole meta-revenge aspect comes on a little strong, but I did feel like it was done in a way that was kind of innovative for the genre.

Revenge-porn isn't really my favorite type of movie but I was pretty intrigued for the most part. How you feel about I Saw the Devil will likely be a litmus test on how you'll feel about that subgenre in general. Alternatively, if you haven't heard of it by now I'd go check out the original Oldboy (2003) as another entry point that's a little 'quirkier'.

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