Inception ★★★★★

I can't believe I'm saying this, but all the issues I thought I had, all the emphasis on flashy concepts over in-depth characters, and all the classic Nolan-isms that normally bring down his films for me simply do not apply here. In fact, Inception is where it shines, where it's the crux of the film, a vehicle for exposition-as-content in a way few other films can justify, and the first world he builds that truly needs that exposition to tell its story.

This time around I noticed how ambitious it was, how many more themes and ideas were at play here. Infiltrating dreams? Dreams-within-dreams? All fairly obvious devices and what we came here for. How about dream metaphysics? Distortion of reality? Malignant psychosomatic ghosts? There's a lot more intricacies at play than I gave credit for.

"Why is it so important to dream?"

"Because, in my dreams we are together."

And on the flip-side of things, you have guns, chases, explosions, and heists all going on while a star-studded cast within five different layers of existence all attempt a compoundingly-impossible task to some incredible editing and gripping pacing. Inception does it all and I was so wrong to think otherwise, a high-concept sci-fi masterpiece so significant it forever altered pop culture and possibly the best blockbuster I will ever witness; I can only hope I'm wrong.

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