Love in the Time of Twilight

Love in the Time of Twilight ★★★★★

Inspired, ingenious, pure and sincere, there're very few films out there like this and it's really a shame. Tsui Hark strings us along for what seems like a typical rom-com slapstick at the beginning before abruptly expelling us into several other dimensions of cinema at the drop of a hat, and the rest of the film becomes an exercise in execution, almost more a showing of a magician's bag of tricks rather than a film outlined by a tight narrative, but given the tricks at play I don't think many would complain. In doing so it builds upon itself, never losing sight of its rom-com origins but layering over it with inventive techniques that push the two lovers-to-be closer together in ways unique to cinema, re-framing the initial quotidian events as not just a necessary chore but the lynchpin to the entire endeavor.

If I am being vague in my descriptions, it is on purpose. Going into this film without knowing anything about it made the experience far better, the surprise at discovering what this film really is so much more exciting, and I advise those interested to do the same because if I knew the basic premise beforehand I don't think I would've loved it as much as I do now.

Love overcoming death, in the most impulsive way possible. Love in the time of life after death.

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