Murmur of the Hearts

Murmur of the Hearts

A mother tells siblings Mei and Nan the story of a mermaid, who left her home to explore the world. However, the mother never ended the story the same and the children never got an explanation why.

This mother would then go on to leave her island home, taking Mei along with her but leaving Nan behind with their father. She fled to Taiwan and lived a new life with a new husband, but one day her mother died and she was on her own.

Overhearing how her father doesn't want anything to do with her, Mei stayed in Taiwan and laments through her art. She finds herself pregnant and in a shaky relationship, and fears that she'll put her child through the same thing she suffered.

"Mei, mommy fooled us! There is no mermaid in this world."

Murmur of the Hearts is a film about separated families, about how the actions of our parents can affect the perceptions of ourselves; family is a bond that will always preside you, but that doesn't mean it's not easily shattered. Thankfully we can mend the fractures that our parents have made.

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