Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows ★★★★★

Kids learn fast when they have to. Kids also don't really get the gravity of situations either. Sometimes a distressing situation is that way to all but kids, who come up with their own solutions with stark simplicity. To them every day is a new one, and so when a truly new day happens it feels like any other. As long as they can make it to the next, that's about as much as it matters.

Nobody Knows refers to the fact that nobody can know that these kids have been abandoned and live on their own, but really the title should be called Everybody Knows. The convenience store worker who sees a young boy with torn-up clothes and slovenly hair, the landlord who walks into a room that's smelled like trash for months, the distant fathers who give them cash instead of love as if they were paying for a clean conscience, and especially, especially the runaway mother who still tells herself she'll come back for them soon. Everybody knows what's really going on, everybody knows there's no future ahead, everybody knows nobody else cares, everybody knows besides the kids.

They don't really know, but they continue regardless. They'll learn fast what it is they have to do. They have to.

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