The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★★★★

A 21st-century blockbuster western, made from all the parts of previous westerns while being distinctly its own thing, made possible due to its casually PG-13 deconstruction of problematic genre tropes and narratives by being viewed through the memories of a Comanche Indian as he beseeches future generations to remember our country's inherently bloody colonialist roots, how companies will inevitably end up corrupt through the greed of man and how that corruption will cajole the government to support their designs while also proselytizing to the people they profit off of – the white, middle- and lower-class people, mind you, as people of color are treated as resources due to literal codification of exploitative racism – reminding us all that in the end there's a reason outlaws, rebels, and vigilantes exist and have been romanticized throughout history, communities who reject these unsustainable systems to live life on their own grassroots terms.

The fact that Disney lost massive money off of this only furthers its legacy. Good job Gore Verbinski, you're a man of praxis.

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