Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★½

I'm surprised I'm giving a Marvel movie this high of a rating, but honestly? I had so much fun with this and I loved how much they decided to experiment with the genre-smashing.

It somehow merges metalhead/Hellboy influences with Neill Blomkamp dirty sci-fi world-building and 80's arena-punk with Norse mythology and some slight Tomb Raider shit. Like the styles here just should not work at all, and yet they somehow work perfectly. This honestly one of the best non-video game video-game adaptation of a movie I've ever seen.

I definitely overrated this one and it's 110% got flaws that I skipped over here, but I just have to show my love for it and rate it in relation to other movies in the superhero genre, and for being 1. so funny 2. so fresh and 3. so experimental, I feel happy that I'm this happy about a fun, light Marvel movie.

[Ranked – Taika Waititi]

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