Wendy and Lucy ★★★★

That feeling of dread, of creeping anxiety when you need to go someplace but your car won't start, won't work won't move. It's fine, you just need to figure something out. (ignoring the fact that you'll never make it on time)

That feeling of fear, of creeping panic as you realize you have no resources on you. If you could've only made it to where you needed to go you would've been fine; why did things have to go wrong here, why now? It's fine, you just need to do some unauthorized borrowing and you'll be good, you'll make it through. (ignoring the fact that you'll only get caught)

That feeling of worry, of creeping sorrow as you realize you have lost too much to make it where you wanted. Things have compounded, like a disastrous domino effect, and now there's no way you can ever get things back, make things how they were. How different things would've been, completely different if one little hiccup had never happened back then. Did that start it all? That one little thing? Maybe if you had just prepared better this could've all been avoided. (ignoring the fact that the system gets everyone in the end)

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