Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★½

Sex is normally seen as something sacred, to be performed behind closed doors and perhaps even romanticized. Alternatively it's seen as a sinful act and any sexual thoughts are to be ignored and locked away.

And many films do end up subverting that view where sex is treated more openly and honestly. It's an inherent part of human nature and motivates much of human interaction, so why not at least talk about it and examine its role?

Y Tu Mamá También takes that ethos to a whole new level and uses sex as greeting, revenge, competition, rejuvenation, dominance, performance, and just general life satisfaction. In it we have two teenaged boys who literally cannot stop thinking, talking, and breathing sex, and they end up on a road trip with and older woman who happens to be in a transitory stage as well. Initially they keep this all somewhat under wraps but sex slowly teases its way into innocuous conversations and eventually it becomes a free-flowing exchange between the three.

"I fucked Ceci a few times."

"No big deal. I poked Ana a bunch of times."

And honestly I didn't really love it at first as I just have trouble appreciating sex-driven narratives, but as we journey further along I realized Cuarón is doing something much more interesting with sex. It's both a form of power and desire, yes, but it ends up becoming something that transcends all else; it is once the boundaries behind sex are torn down and our characters have attained sexual gratification that they can then move on and understand what they want in their lives. In this way sex becomes both limiter and liberator and it is only through total sexual revolution that we can all achieve self-actualization.

Or it can just be a movie about teenage boys being horny.

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