• Cowboy Bebop

    Cowboy Bebop


    During the summers of my childhood when my parents would work I'd go to an older woman's house where I'd make friends with all the other kids dropped off there. It was great: we'd mess around and watch tv in the morning still half-asleep from the car-ride over before doing math problems right before lunch, then play outside in her garden and back yard before heading inside to play her college son's SNES. Every summer day for a while was…

  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    Getting all the disclaimers out of the way, Pulp Fiction is honestly an incredible film that I would say deserves its spot up in the film canon for being as groundbreaking and influential as it has, a work that builds upon what Tarantino's debut Reservoir Dogs did except with a greater budget and a greater ambition and, in my opinion (which you shouldn't take seriously), would continue to be the trend in his later films.

    In a lot of ways…

  • The Turning

    The Turning


    turn 360 degrees and walk away

  • Antonio Gaudí

    Antonio Gaudí


    Terror and allure; terror at encountering architecture so alien and distorted, yet allure at how transfixing such constructions are. In fact, it's hard to even say whether they're constructed with how organic and natural they appear to be: akin to the tunnels worms would dig and burrow, or half-made men rising from the mud before they solidify into monuments instead. Such a world of warped and oblong features closer resembles the beauty of what DNA would form or what an…

  • The Purge: Anarchy

    The Purge: Anarchy


    Where the Purge movies truly start to embrace the sheer absurdity of the Ayn Rand philosophy they're rooted in cranked up to disproportionate heights and the chilling realization that "anything is legal" applies not just to civilians but the government itself. Suddenly the implications of such an act become clear: it may have at some point started to let civilians "blow off steam" but in actuality allows the government to do what it can't on the other 364 days of…

  • Mustang



    There's so much to talk about in Mustang, a film that centers on the adolescence of five girls from Turkey whose childhoods are simultaneously taken away from them while kept behind lock and key, but of particular note is the caring relationship of sisterhood and how much older figures act as shields for the younger.

    As they grow older and find their freedoms more and more restricted, they must contend with tradition fully taking away their agency as women. None…

  • Ingrid Goes West

    Ingrid Goes West


    You: A scathing critique on what it means to live in a media-saturated world where everything we see online is a lie, yet despite knowing this exposes us to a lifestyle we now want and need despite being completely unsustainable and utterly front-facing, as well as the ways in which managing such accounts creates mini-fandoms where content creators must slavishly interact with their followers while maintaining their guise of perfection or else risk being tossed aside as yesterday's leftovers while…

  • Southland Tales

    Southland Tales


    "Scientists are saying the future is going to be far more futuristic than they originally predicted."

    This is it. This is it right here. A throwaway line from a porn star now running a reality show, yet a key to understanding the film as a whole.

    Southland Tales is a film about the future, but not just any future; no, it is about the future when it becomes warped and twisted by our perceptions of what the future should look…

  • That Obscure Object of Desire

    That Obscure Object of Desire


    When you don't know what you want but you want it regardless, that's the natural conclusion presented in That Obscure Object of Desire. Man lusting after woman and woman pining for man's love, it's a dynamic as old as stories have been around but refined to a caustic edge and laced with tormented passions.

    You need trust. Trust that the person you seek will give themselves up to you in due time, if that's what both people want. Doesn't matter…

  • Lamerica



    A country torn between generations, the old one caught in the callous past that subjected them to war, famine, imprisonment, and more, and the new one that emerges from post-war boom. This new generation has dreams that would've been foreign to the old one, but their dreams are rooted in greed, in capitalistic schemes that prey upon the innocent.

    The younger Italian ropes the older into journeying to Albania, and at first the older man is vacuous, empty-headed, and has…

  • Bamboozled



    Blackface, black talk, black hair and black skin. Black music and black stars and black food and black culture. Black swagger and black incarceration. Black lives. Black deaths. You can't take one without taking it all, and to think you can only makes you part of the problem.

    "You've been had. You've been took."

    Bamboozled, a spiteful, hateful, and rightful satire from Spike Lee, except what he satirizes almost seems mild compared to the landscape we're in twenty years later.…

  • Miss Congeniality

    Miss Congeniality


    Pygmalion for moms and homoerotic subtext fiends. I'm one of these.