Swingers ★★★½

Finally got around to seeing this and I must say I'm glad that I did. It is an interesting look at the desperation of young single wannabe superstars in the 90's. While that certainly is a recipe for a good comedy, I was surprised at how much heart was injected into this storyline. These guys aren't idiots. Sure they believe that they are destined for stardom and that they are so "money" that women cannot deny them, but rather than walk blindly into every embarrassing situation, deep down they recognize that they are failures. So even though you cannot help but laugh at them, Liman makes us sympathize with the characters as well. Like many of us, they have grown up on a steady diet of Scorsese films and they truly believe that real life is just like the movies. In a way, I almost admire their myopia. And I certainly admire Liman's ability to make this story more than a paint by numbers buddy comedy. Favreau is great and it makes me miss the days when we got to see him during the picture rather than just the end credits. Also, it was good to see Vince Vaughn playing someone else rather than Vaughn playing Vaughn. It isn't revolutionary cinema, but it is a great watch and much smarter than I think it's fan-base gives it credit for.