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  • Once Upon a Time in the West
  • Gremlins 2: The New Batch
  • Pierrot le Fou
  • Out of the Past

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  • The Last Duel


  • Rasputin: The Mad Monk


  • The Three Children


  • The Great Indian Kitchen


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  • Stigma



    Four stars may seem like a lot for a 30 minute TV movie with the slightest of storylines, but the commitment to making Serious Art and inserting issues of gender into a christmas entertainment is to be lauded, and besides this hits two of my sweet spots - 70's clothing and British rural horror.

  • Dunkirk



    Forget all the rot about sacrifice and nobility that right-wing reviewers are heaping onto this film: what's really interesting about "Dunkirk" is its focus on FEAR, on soldiers already tired beyond breaking point exposed to set piece after set piece of panic, chaos and the ever present threat of drowning. Props to Nolan for not letting Stiff Upper Lip mythology override the desperate realities of that situation: even in the Good War, soldiers, as a rule, have little in the way of agency.