Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman ★★★★½

"Wonder Woman" is incredible! This had action, the right amount of humor, and most of all, heart; which is something I and many other fans have wanted to see from DC Films. The movie is an indicator that the DC Extended Universe will be taking a lighter and more fun approach to the franchise under Geoff Johns.

Although I originally had concerns about Gal Gadot's casting as Wonder Woman, she did a fantastic and convincing job that brought empathy and emotion to the role. Chris Pine supported Gal's Diana Prince really well, especially near the end.

For the most part, the plot was well done. The villain was the biggest issue I had with the movie along with a few minor problems that I can't talk about without giving away spoilers. There were small things that could have been better but were easily overlooked by how much fun and awesome this movie was.

Wonder Woman is a must see! Overall, I'm going to give Patty Jenkins's amazingly directed movie a 9/10!