Primarily an anime watcher. Watches movies here and there. This list is severely incomplete.

Favorite films

  • Shin Godzilla
  • Blade Runner 2049
  • Ponyo

Recent activity

  • Sleepers

  • Fight Club


  • Mary and Max


  • Hereditary


Recent reviews

  • Scream



    Is this actually a parody of horror movies? What does that make Scary Movie into then? A parody of a parody of scary movies? This certainly felt more like it was parodying one than it was actually trying to be one. The meta of pointing out how cliché your movie is doesn't make it less cliché. But it was still a fun watch.

  • Cuties



    A highly uncomfortable movie that manages to both make some really good point about traditional values vs. modern sexualisation. However, which also indulges in said sexualisation. It's kinda hard to rate a movie which both does a great job at presenting a point, while also doing exactly what it criticises. It's like it doesn't quite understand its own point. The final dance was incredibly uncomfortable to watch, while the resolution at the end was quite satisfying. I'm 50/50 split on this movie being good or bad.