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  • Streltsov



    The story about soviet football legend Eduard Streltsov had a huge potential, if you look, how fascinating his life story and persona was. I wish they could make this movie about his comeback after the prison, his inner struggles, the cruel regime of USSR and how awful, scary it was to live there, even if you were a football star. Unfortunately they went on a soft, generic mode and basically made an empty biopic after which you have no clue what a man Streltsov was.

  • Coming Home

    Coming Home


    Quite a good and truthful film. Also clear and strong statement about war and the treatment of soldiers. "Coming Home" features powerful performances from the lead actors and one of the greatest soundtracks ever put on film.

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  • Aftermath



    It's not the most interesting and fascinating movie in the world, but it's a solid drama with a great performances from Scoot McNairy and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    Probably Arnold's second best performance to date. Number 1, of course, is Mr. Freeze in "Batman & Robin".

  • Bound by Honor

    Bound by Honor


    I could watch this street gang, brotherhood, la familia, macho kind of shit all day, homies.
    Three hours flies by like nothing, carnales.
    Vatos Locos forever, putos!