Mrinal Sen

Mrinal Sen was a major contributor of the Bengali Parallel Cinema, an art movement that emerged in the 50s in reaction to the glut of popular mainstream films released at the time in Bengal. The following decade established Sen as an ideological filmmaker with radical views. Alongside fellow contemporaries such as Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak, restless with the socio-political landscape of the 60s, he explored ethical dilemmas that broke his people apart. The Calcutta Trilogy was a series of films that best illustrate Sen's strong moral attitude, experimentation with cinematography and a wide range of narrative techniques in an uncompromising vision for the truth. His was not the romanticism of mainstream Bollywood but the stark portrayal of reality for…

  • Under the Blue Sky
  • Baishey Shravana
  • Up in the Clouds
  • Interview
  • Calcutta 71
  • Padatik
  • Suddenly, One Day
  • Moving Perspectives
  • And Quiet Rolls the Dawn
  • Bhuvan Shome
  • In Search of Famine