Cruella ★★★

"From the very beginning, I realized I saw the world differently than everyone else."

This was a Disney live action which I wasn't particularly interested in as the idea of bringing back a villain we already know couldn't really excite me. I thought that Cruella as a character should have been left untouched, especially after Glenn Close's legendary performance. There were so many random moments in Cruella that truly made me cringe, especially the childhood part along with Emma Stone's hideous British accent. The thing that most bothered me is that I couldn't figure out the target audience for this movie as it is too dark for young children to enjoy, however very predictable for adult viewers to latch onto. 

The film was able to surprisingly deliver an original story though which felt unnecessary in the beginning, but the plot twists were cleverly executed and it was possible to learn more about Cruella as an individual, her past, along with her motives, and the main reason she hated dalmatians. The final act was incredibly entertaining with the unexpected twists and had a great ending to the story. The costume design was absolutely fantastic and it was probably the highlight of the movie for me. Overall, Cruella was pretty entertaining with some great characters, wonderful costumes, and a fast-paced soundtrack, however still felt too unnecessary for me and it is not something I would want to watch again anytime soon.

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