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This review may contain spoilers.

"You gave him the correct medication because you are a good nurse."

Wow! I really never expected to find Knives Out so incredibly entertaining as I have tried watching it twice in the past before, but I wasn't fully satisfied or patient enough with its slow beginning. This just proves that films that might have a slow-paced start can turn into the most interesting and cleverly executed storylines ever. I don't remember the last time a mystery was able to keep me engaged this much and I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen as I wanted to follow every single detail about the unfolding mysteries and its events.

The process of the mystery solving was really impressive and the end result was quite satisfying as it made so much sense given that I had a feeling from the beginning that Ransom was behind the whole thing. As I was able to predict the ending, it still didn't ruin my enjoyment, it was worth watching Knives Out as I had a very fun viewing experience. It is a movie which I am really looking forward to watching again in the future with hopefully someone who hasn't seen it before and curious whether I will be able to notice new details which I might have missed the first time.

The cast was also phenomenal and every character managed to stand out for their own different reasons. The technical elements were really well-done, including the cinematography and outstanding screenplay as they managed to contribute towards the viewer being more interested in the plot and its unfolding events. Overall, Knives Out is a really entertaining murder mystery with such a memorable cast, interesting characters, captivating dialogue, and consisting of many clever twists and turns that make it stand out even more in its genre.

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