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  • Southland Tales
  • Girl Meets Bear
  • Homo Sapiens
  • Delivery To The Following Recipient Failed Permanently

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  • John Wick

  • Hard to Be a God


  • Belly


  • No Bears


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  • The Task

    The Task

    the most human thing ive ever seen, for better or for worse

  • Amateur


    isabelle's gorgeous laptop in this is a toshiba t1000se which you could def get for <$100 if you wanna try to repair one that doesn't power on. you can hope it'll just be something easy like replacing a fuse or a lion battery but you never really know until you try, do you?

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  • Parasite



    letterboxd is a massively-multiplayer online strategy game where you, your friends, and a bunch of really annoying people seek to apply labels (one, from a selection of ten) to rows in a database. each row is associated with an object from the set that roughly corresponds to "movies" (already a kind of hazy term, further confused on letterboxd by having some miniseries, web animations, promotional videos, but not really individual commercials most of the time, or tv shows)

    now the…

  • Alien Nine

    Alien Nine


    comparing this to any other reference i have in my mind for "supernatural coming-of-age anime" has this standing apart in a good way, even when it feels like it shouldn't work

    evangelion / madoka / masotan / made in abyss all blow up the experiences of puberty, gaining responsibility, becoming an adult to be a matter of The End Of The Fucking World, uncanny and nervewracking metaphors where the nations of the world need to work together to give a…