Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property ★★★★

Look, people that are oppressed that want a violent revolution kinda have done nothing wrong. I mean, you could be a moral idiot and be “murder is wrong, thereby it is wrong” which is stupid because it is simply transactional(opresseors opress oppressed, oppressed murder oppressors), but there are moral consequences. Firstly, you have to kill women and children, otherwise what’s the point of doing a revolution if you don’t go all the way? This weighs a lot on the consiesence. Secondly, what does this accomplish? You need the apolitical blank slates to like you. Lastly, most people who lead violent revolutions are lead by testosteroneic emotion, which is not an ideal state for a leader. My position is instead of killing, we have prisons or re-education systems. But that might be too nice to the captalistc free market facists. 

Also this is good

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