I Was Born, But...

I Was Born, But... ★★★★

See Keiji
See Ryoichi
They have just moved to a new town.
They have to go to a new school to learn.
Learn, learn, learn.

See Kennosuke
He watches his boys very closely to make sure that they grow up smart and strong.
Watch, watch, watch.
He works very hard to give them the things he never had, and hopes that they won't ever have to work as hard as he has.
Work, work, work.

See the boys at school.
They don't like school.
It is hard work.
Work, work, work.
They must learn calligraphy.
They must learn math.
They must learn the hierarchies of social existence.
Learn, learn, learn.

See the boys.
See father.
They were having a fun evening watching home movies.
Now, they are watching their idea of their father disappear.
Watch, watch, watch.
They thought his words came from someone who had followed them.
They thought hard work and learning meant you became important.
It seems they still have a lot to learn.
Learn, learn, learn.

See Remobo.
See him be a member of the Collab
See him watch a movie from the other side of the world, made 88 years ago.
Watch, watch, watch.
See him tear up when the mother and father discuss their past, their children, and what we teach them with our words and deeds.
See him realize that parents have always been parents, children have always been children, and the problems they have today are not different from the problems they have ever had...all over the world.
See him learn that his problems are the problems of the world, and maybe he should get out of his own head sometimes.
Learn, learn, learn.

See, "I Was Born, But..."
No, really. See, see, see it.
There is still much it can teach you.
There is still much you can learn.
Learn, lean, learn.
And this movie still works, works, works.

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