Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★½

Harrison Ford + Steven Spielberg + George Lucas + John Williams + Bible + Nazis + Adventure = Yes. 

Raiders of The Lost Ark is packed with impressive set pieces and a triumphantly iconic score that backs a simple but awesome concept executed by some of the biggest names in cinema. The combination of the concept and people behind this project alone give this film such a feeling of prestige. 

Overall, I love the flow of the journey in this film, as it transitions from location to location seamlessly. The film is also littered with iconic moments ranging from the introductory golden idol scene and the standoff with the swordsman. 

Though with all this in mind, I don’t see this on the same tier to the likes of The Matrix, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, or Mad Max: Fury Road as an all-time great in the action genre. And this isn’t necessarily the movie’s fault, as it’s excellently paced and holds impeccable production design to this day. However, I don’t feel the same weight with this film as the others. Sure, it’s fun, but there are action sequences that feel bloated and forced and characters that are interesting enough but shallow at the same time. 

Christoph Waltz would’ve been great as Toht. 7/10.