This Is the End

This Is the End ★★★★

Everyone says Michael Cera only plays himself: he outshines this entire ensemble playing himself. 

Honestly one of my favorite comedies of the 2010’s, This Is the End is a great blend of comedic concept and execution. It is very dumb but I love it. Its self-awareness in the writing’s recognition of real-life criticism regarding the actors (namely Seth Rogen) is great. The film feels like a fan service event for fans of the comedy genre that has been led by this company. Rogen, Franco, Hill, everyone. There is a Superbad trio reunion. Cameos dedicated to Aziz Ansari, Paul Rudd, Mindy Kaling. A Pineapple Express sequel. References to The Green Hornet, to 127 Hours. There’s nothing like it—then add on the narrative of celebrities trying to survive the end of the world together and it is all the more better. The movie is surprisingly graphic as well. Blood, body parts everywhere. Reminds a tiny bit of Shaun of the Dead in the first act’s editing and foreshadowing. 

Jay Baruchel was the perfect choice to play the lead because he’s celebrity enough to fit the bill but not on the same tier as the rest of the ensemble, making him a fitting candidate for the viewer to occupy. He walks in James Franco’s home and feels out of place, just as we would. Jonah Hill was absolutely hilarious the whole way through, and both Emma Watson and especially Danny McBride did great with their roles. What I find cool about Michael Cera’s portrayal (a short four clips that dominate the entire party sequence) is that it was intentionally written against what he is known to be typecasted as. 

Trivia: There was originally supposed to be an extra scene at the end where James Franco and Danny McBride smoke marijuana with Hitler in hell. 

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