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  • The Idiots

    The Idiots


    Like, I get it. But this should have been a short film. And it probably should have been a bit better.

  • Cold Fish

    Cold Fish


    How strange it is to watch this so soon after Love Exposure. It feels so completely different in every way, subdued and brooding and bloody, more Miike than anime. A slow build of tension to a climax that literally made me yell a little bit. Should have been a bit shorter, I think, but ultimately this is a great horror-drama.

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  • mother!



    if you liked those bits in fight club in which ed norton walks around all confused when there are loads of people in his house, you'll like this
    just don't sit on j-law's sink

  • Spy Kids

    Spy Kids


    carmen called juni a weirdo cos he put the speedboat in manual