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  • Killer Bean Forever

    Killer Bean Forever


    Killer Bean forever is far from a movie. It is a lifetime experience that makes forces you to leave your comfort zone to see art at its most naked and beautiful form. This level of complexity, enigmas that compose the very essence of this movie are yet to be fully comprehended by man. I am no philosopher, but my vision of our plane of existence were completely changed once I saw Killer Bean Forever, so in this deep analysis I…

  • Joker



    WARNING: this is not a review of the movie joker, it is meant as a letter for all fellow video gamers residing in this website. Viewer discretion is advised.

    For that had the courage to dress themselves at the premiere of this movie I commend you. For it takes a mountain of courage to stand up against the oppression provoked by all the minorities, women and the UN. Ok that’s enough as for the appreciation for our fellow friends, now it…

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  • The Boss Baby

    The Boss Baby


    When I was watching tv yesterday this movie was playing. The movie on its own is already a thrilling masterpiece. Right after watching it I thought to give it a 4 star rating, that was until I started to think about the deep philosophical messages the movie has. This film talks about human nature as we know it a turns it upside down. Not only that the movie has a humor so sophisticated and intellectual even if you have watched…

  • Garfield



    My god I have never felt such attracted to anything in my life. Garfield is as sexy as ever in this live action adaptation and so is his doppelganger. This movie has changed my sexuality.