Cruella ★★½

wanted to go on a tirade on how the future of digital cinematography is truly bleak and lifeless (art&popular culture in all totality really), how i’m dumbfounded that every single fucking piece of IP needs to be over two hours at minimum—this really could have been a neat ninety minutes. 

man, real people running from cartoon dogs is really not for me but this won me over in the end. i said out loud twice ‘what the fuck are they doing’ when the needle drops gave me whiplash several times—remember thinking that i did enjoy the few times the original score played (of course it was nicholas britell)

not sure why they intentionally(?) sucked the life out what looked like very elegant wardrobes and production design but it was almost so ugly that it was beautiful again? some really great ending credits, yet we’ve reached the point where cinema lenses are so sharp, and sensors so advanced that no matter how intentional the art design is, it just looks like actors pretending on a set instead of a truly real environment. 

anyways, the emmas rule in this!! weirdly girlboss joker energy but a hot underexposed emma stone monologue in dusk lighting is all i need for this to work on me

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