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    Saw this at the Japanese Film Festival. 
    I was confused a whole bunch during this film. It was loosely about the Akihabara Massacre and the aftermath and affect it had on 3 characters. It was pretty messed up at times, not very believable at other times and also quite beautiful and tragic at the same time. The narratives around the 3 characters seemed really disconnected and I wanted them to link up at some stage and they really didn’t. I still have questions about what happened and who was who in this film. 
    Some beautiful lighting and camera work though.

  • Tickled



    This is just such a great doco! On second viewing, I loved it just as much!
    David Farrier is the bomb dot com!

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  • Parasite



    I don’t give films 5 stars often. But I adore this film!
    This film is a rollercoaster of feelings, themes, surprises, emotions, stories.... it’s awesome! It’s “so metaphorical“! 

    Going in blind was the best. I didn’t read reviews. I didn’t know a thing about this film and I’m so glad! 

    What. A. Ride!!

  • The Nightingale

    The Nightingale


    This film is fucking brutal. It’s horrible. It’s disturbing. It was hard to watch. I was so anxious, uncomfortable and upset throughout this whole film. 
    Intensely effective in every way.
    That’s what amazing cinema should do.