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This film is the best of the sequels and JJ gave it a real good go fixing the many problems within The Last Jedi. Now don't get me wrong the film is in no way perfect nor is it a master piece but it felt like Star Wars. Which shouldn't be a requirement watching a Star Wars films but it is something I unfortunately have to mention. I'm also not jumping on the whole The Last Jedi hate bandwagon because I think it's a good film it's just to me not a good Star Wars film. The Last Jedi made me feel so deflated like when you find out your wife has cheated on you with your best friend and then you also find out by some freak chance your wife is your sister... may have got side tracked there but I digress. Anyway The Rise of Skywalker made me feel very happy and content coming out of the cinema very much like when you have to wait all day to have a shit. Then you get home and let it out, you know it's messy but my God does it feel good. That's this film, it's something that was needed to help restore my love for Star Wars. I understand the hate and criticism out there especially since the whole "And I am a Jedi" felt like Avengers Endgame with Iron Man but sometimes cheese can be nice. Let's be honest here, the originals were far from cheesy and of course it had a level of quaintness and feel to them that this film captured. I of course loved hearing the Jedi force ghosts such as Anakin, Mace and Ahsoka. That's because I love references and this film was flooded with them. The one that made me so happy is that Darth Revan is now canon in some way as we had Revan Sith Troopers. And we know the Sith Troopers are named after past Sith Lords and you can't get more famous than the Sith Lord who inspired Darth Bane to create the rule of two. I also really enjoyed the ending the fact Rey had a yellow Lightsaber shows she is no longer a Jedi but a Jedi Sentinel. Due to the balance as there can't be any Sith or Jedi left in the universe. I also liked the line at the end where she called herself Rey Skywalker. It's nice to have both Luke and Leia's force ghosts watching next to her. Then the final shot was so satisfying, with it cutting to show the twin suns. Very much like when writing a song starting with the chord and ending on the same chord can you make you feel good and that happened here visually. Overall I really enjoyed the film but understand the criticism.

Now I can imagine some people aren't going to agree with this review and that's fair enough that's your opinion but as Rick Sanchez once said, "Don't tell me how to enjoy things".

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