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  • The Assassin
  • The Insider
  • Pulse
  • Invisible Life

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  • What Have They Done to Your Daughters?


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  • All About Lily Chou-Chou

    All About Lily Chou-Chou


    Between this, Pulse and Serial Experiments Lain, it is clear how Japan, back in the turn of the millennium, was already so far ahead in deconstructing the internet and its impact on the human condition, especially for the young generation.

    This film, however, is not about ethering on the interweb, but simply about humanity: the will to live, the struggle to know yourself and the difficulties in relationships. The internet is just someplace: an ideal, safe of judgement, world.


  • Irma Vep

    Irma Vep


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "Irma Vep" is the third Assayas' feature I've watched and I can say confidently that the French director is 3 for 3 as of now (the other two were "Clouds of Sils Maria" and "Personal Shopper").

    Assayas is a master in the art of mixing fiction and reality, likely very inspired in Kiarostami's oeuvre, one of the geniuses of characterization. In "Irma Vep", we are presented with complex metatext. It is a film about making a film, which is a…

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  • Zombie Flesh Eaters

    Zombie Flesh Eaters


    A movie with a rhythm of its own. Its dazzling, pendular cinematography works as an hypnotic omen of the tragedies to come. Revenge comes from the soil, as no secret can be buried forever, and the judgement day is a matter of time. A film that takes turns being mysterious, fun, scary, beautiful and tense, encompassing one of the richest experiences I've had with an horror movie. All of that enhanced by Fabio Frizzi's exceptionally ecletic score that ranges from…

  • Phoenix



    Obviously very Hitchcockian, a trait which, when well executed, is, personally, such a marvel to see. Petzold's subtle yet melodramatic style is something rare and special when it comes to modern cinema. I can't help but have a thing for movies that deal with identity, the "what ifs" and the blurred lines between reality and performance. This film is good to the point that it gives you reality right from the go, but it still encompasses so many possibilities throughout…

Popular reviews

  • Magnolia


    To my surprise, I disliked a Paul Thomas Anderson film for the first time. Not only surprise, but huge disappointment, too.

    None of his films are one of my all time favourites, but I had found beauty or depth in all of them, ranging from the frantic "Punch-Drunk Love" to the trippy, and not so critically acclaimed, "Inherent Vice". So, what happened here, in the movie some would call his most daring (and I might not even disagree), in 188…

  • To the Ends of the Earth

    To the Ends of the Earth


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    There's a lot to be unfolded in this film. Unlike Kiyoshi Kurosawa's most known features, this is not a thriller or an horror movie, yet, while being a drama with a relatively simple premise, it borrows pretty well from the director's strenghts at building a very bleak and anxious atmosphere.

    In films like "Cure" and "Pulse", Kurosawa excels in evoking apocalyptical feelings of isolation in smaller, recorrent spaces, focusing on rich scenarios instead of crowds. This time, the approach is…