The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions ★★★

Gave "The Matrix: Revolutions" a first time watch to be ready for Resurrections and...

It's actually solid.
Color me surprised.
There's an entire hour of coherent, comprehensible and humane storytelling that builds the world, expands on the characters & mythology, and rackets up the tension, intensity and stakes leading into that blast of a 2nd half.
The action is wonderful, the stakes are understandable and compelling. Smith is actually threatening once more.
Makes Reloaded look like even more of a waste.
But there are still some drawbacks, the ending brings back the bad memories from Reloaded where I'm left scratching my head about "is Neo dead...? I don't think so." And 18 years later NOW we know he isn't sure, it feels lazy how it ignores the thousands of others more important questions left hanging. Though now I guess it has an excuse as to why it did not answer said questions.
Overall an uneven first half, but a blast of a second that offers a glimpse at the brilliance that was the first one, and a reminder that still that shouls've remained the only Matrix film.