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  • Satantango
  • Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom
  • The Baby of Mâcon
  • Winter Light

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  • Skyscraper Hunting


  • The Devil's Messenger DEATH MESSENGER

  • COMBA Tennen

  • Scan Doll


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  • Skyscraper Hunting

    Skyscraper Hunting


    Watch the film here (English subtitles): www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSME7lQFS3M
    Downloadable here: archive.org/details/mitsunori-hattoris-skyscraper-hunting

    Scanners meets Blade Runner and strips back all the philosophy and meditation on the human condition and just jumps into the mindbending action with blood, boobs and Japanese weirdness galore.
    The film throws a lot at you in the first twenty minutes, and they had the courtesy to do a big spoonfeed of context before the opening title just to catch you up. Exposition dumps are sort of the films…

  • The Devil's Messenger DEATH MESSENGER

    The Devil's Messenger DEATH MESSENGER

    Watch or download the film here (no subtitles): archive.org/details/death-messenger

    A V-Cinema action film that in the most basic summary, has a strong opening, a rather dry middle and some good closing scenes. Certainly didn't expect that chainsaw three minutes in, and it held my interest for a time, but there's also several interminable scenes of sitting around figuring out what to do, which makes the middle of the film sort of drag.

    When it does pick up again, it's enjoyable…

Popular reviews

  • Love Massacre

    Love Massacre


    !!! TRADE OFFER !!!
    You receive:
    (Youtube restricted to 18+ sadly)
    Love Massacre ripped from an extremely rare and expensive Citymax Laserdisc (it cost me $700 to get),
    Including previously unavailable uncut footage with amplified violence,
    and legible English subtitles that I spent a long time transferring from white on white burned in VHS sources.

    I recieve:
    Nothing but the time it takes you to appreciate a rare HK classic.

    Patrick Tam's Love Massacre weaves a cryptic mystery,…

  • Scan Doll

    Scan Doll


    Watch the film on Youtube here with English Subtitles: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nSNdBMp9WI
    Downloadable from archive here: archive.org/details/scan-doll-vhs

    Some small spoilers below.

    Scan Doll wears its inspirations on its sleeve, so for anyone who's already dipped a few toes in the V-Cinema domain, you'll sort of know what to expect when words such as voyeurism start being mentioned. Unlike some of its contemporaries though, the perversity on display is more concerned with the cerebral, primarily thanks to the consistent narration the 'protagonist' provides.…