Devil's Body

Devil's Body ★½

Watch the film here (no subtitles, content warning for adult material)

Whoever wrote the description for this film drastically overemphasized the 'body horror' elements at play. The blatant poster is also awfully misleading, and never happens in the film itself. That isn't to imply it's an upbeat sort of pinku film, it's mostly chock full of salacious, unpleasant sexual experiences, kicking off with a gratuitous five minute rape scene.

The proceeding film doesn't really pull out of that distasteful tone, and the main crux of the 'story' (which is a generous word to use) is that the attacker infected the protagonist with a virus that amplifies the hosts sexual appetite more and more until they finally die. That premise has promise, in and of itself - but the execution is exceptionally dire, and you can tell it was pretty much conceived as a purely pornographic exercise (some sequences just fade on the same shot if it's going on too long). It's rife with optical censoring, and the tone deaf attempts at humor in the form of a lecherous boss who fantasies about groping the employees are just a waste of time.

Ultimately it fails as pornography too, I couldn't imagine people watching it finding much gratification in a sex = death virus concept, and that probably explains why the laserdisc I have has a second side with more or less conventional fare to wash away the gross feeling of what Devil's Body delivers.

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