McCartney 3, 2, 1

McCartney 3, 2, 1 ★★★★★

Absolutely, hands down, without a doubt, no question about it, all thoughts considered the best Beatles documentary out there. I really feel like by now a lot of us know the history and some of the famous stories, and honestly I’m over it. We get it, they’re from Liverpool, and because it was a shipping town they got the first imported records from America. etc. etc. Got it. 

What this doc series does is amazing. They dive into the actual music. Literally track by track. It’s beautiful to admire just the harmonies of one song, and the sound of the bass of another. And to hear the stories behind how they achieved that sound, or what inspired them to do it a certain way. I could honestly watch this series over and over and walk away with something new each time.

And the way it’s done: informal. We’re all just chilling in the studio. Take your shoes off, chew some gum. We are here to get into the grooves. We can see the crew in the back? Well yeah, because I’m in the studio too. (Side note: my mom called me half way through the first episode in disgust about Rick Rubin not wearing shoes and how she couldn’t stomach it and almost had to turn it off. But I brought up the ultimate counter point of “well ya like Abbey Road, right? What’s Paul wearing on his feet?”)

I’d also love to see this series or idea spread to more artists. Personally, I’d die to have a Bruce Springsteen or a Brian Wilson one.