La La Land ★★★★

I won't be the first to start their review with this line but I don't like musicals. Ultimately I didn't really like this one either. I could happily watch Gosling read the phone book I think he's so talented and charismatic as an actor and he gave me my real moments of enjoyment. The central love story is engaging and interesting, the intermittent pauses to skip around, dance and sing a little less so for me. Like I say I'm not the target audience but whisper it quietly...the songs are terrible anyway aren't they?

+ 2019 UPDATE +

Ignore literally everything I said the first time around, I must have been in a seriously bad mood. My only criticism on second viewing was that I still don't think the songs are quite strong enough. The film itself though I found absolutely mesmeric on second viewing. It's moving, funny (much funnier than I remembered) and zips along, particularly the first hour or so. I stone cold, loved this on second viewing. Which just goes to show you sometimes any film is worth a second look. Also I did watch this on the a riverboat on the Thames with my lovely wife and a class of Pimms so maybe that helped, but hey give it a chance!