The Cottage ½

Utter bilge. How can Williams have gone from the excellent 'London to Brighton' to this? By all accounts it was a personal project as well. Not a single laugh is to be had in the entire film. I suspect this is the reason for the gratingly annoying soundtrack to try to remind you it's a comedy. Cheesey brass throughout...brumpy brumpty tummm!! Ellison is there merely to provide cleavage...but we don't want to appear misogynist so we'll make a joke of the fact that we're staring at her knockers. See that way we're not just doing it to be a perve...genius. She has a hilarious running joke of swearing a lot...oh what times they must have had on set. You think it might actually be a relief when they start getting chopped isn't..the only relief to be had is when the credits roll and you know it's finally finished.