Chasing Dream

Chasing Dream

was johnnie taken hostage or did johnnie take hostage 🤔

this is every chinese film, & a lot of hong kong films, & the only one of either to leave me perplexed as to what exactly the meaning of it is. (which may or may not indicate that theres intentionally no meaning to this ish)

i will need to watch his other china ventures & more recent stuff to assess. for now my brain just physically will not allow me to accept that a mainland chinese film of this level of excess, by a hk vet (albeit i never took him as too actively political as compared to his peers), same year fruit did his thing, isn't a towering political satire. i can only say it's good fun, and an endurance test for anyone who only spells out these guys names from curated brochures. (which again, may just be what this was supposed to be)

going into the new year smiling, but confused, and a bit sad. so just like any year

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