SPL II: A Time for Consequences

SPL II: A Time for Consequences

soi cheang is one of the best visual directors working, here seen on his full on digital shit ala collet serra.

that said, i kinda worry where his career will go from here. i'm yet to see the monkey king films, but hong kongs industry is rough to stay afloat in these days, especially for someone with a style as distinct as cheang. this is the biggest film of his i've seen yet, and he adapts to the large scale beautifully, but as he himself kinda alludes to, he's not really a box office director. theres still lots of moments in this that instantly call back to his previous work, but despite that, he himself said that since accident (2009) he doesn't think about style anymore when directing. 

sign of the times, i guess. 

*wipes tear* but this shit still lit as fuck. still one of the most eyecatching new school action joints i've seen. and luckily i still got 3 of his earlier films lined up. so bottoms up.

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