Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★★

my notes during the end credits


i was going to build on this and write more but fuck it, these are my raw thoughts and feelings when the lights came up. typos can be attributed to watery eyes/imax 3D glasses clouding my vision. what i mean by i feel blessed is that i truly feel fucking blessed to be amongst the people who see this series for what its really about. this is more than just some action

i wish i could let my feelings out in catharsis the way i did crying during the last 10 minutes here more often in real life. 

like when alice opened the gates to save a single person amongst thousands of undead running right at her, shes watching over each one of us and this is the only religion i need. sendin embraces to the one or two people in my screening who clapped with me when alice looked at us

you're better than all of them

you became more than they could have ever anticipated

make sure to stay till after the credits

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