The New Mutants

The New Mutants

i love how this marvel movie with A-list cast (well, anya taylor-joy and maisie williams - latter top billed tho :o) feels like a Glass inspired Vampire Diaries era tv movie. it's uncharacteristically pure, but it's also not really connected to marvels output in the first place so it makes sense. more fox i guess, even featuring the mutant camp scene cut in from logan? it's unfortunate that most ppl will see that rawness as weakness/limitation, despite this obviously being smaller scale by design. (despite of which the cgi here is fucking incredible!)

anya (who plays a russian!) saying 'i've known men like you' to the female doctor is everything. the powers are as fun as they're terrifying and so is the living nightmare concept, the fact that they literally just threw in a horrifying fucking slenderman lmao, but then associated that with intense trauma too on true emo shit?? our lead native american and -- a werewolf?? her scar???

and did i mention shyamalan is all over it too? in fact it feels like theres 20 different movies this homages at every other corner. never even saw star wars but when that saber hit???!!!!!!?

god this was just a freaking delight in every way. pls make media 2010 again.

pls. make. media.

we got each other out of our cages

edit: ofc that boy josh boone did fault in our stars lol. this takes the xmen outsider message and infuses it with tumblr gen angst. you guys heartless for this 2.4 star average.. how u listen to this message and-

one bear is all things good - compassion, love, trust. and the other is all things evil - fear, shame, and self destruction

i asked him, which one wins?

he answered, the one you feed.

drop a 2.4 star average 😭

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