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  • Skyfall



    Skyfall gives Casino Royale a run for its money as the best Bond film of the Daniel Craig era. Where Casino Royale is a gritty Bond origin story, Skyfall takes that same grittiness, character depth, and world building and adds the final iconic elements of a Bond movie -- the return of the gadgety Aston Martin and classic one-liners (although for once the best ones come from Q and M).

    The common element of greatness between the two is how…

  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale


    While Sean Connery will always be the quintessential Bond, setting up a fantastic 60 year franchise and the prototypical spy model to beat, Daniel Craig embodies the most complex character of the series. It's his arrogance, ruggedness, charm, and most of all, vulnerability, that makes him such an awesome Bond.

    Big kudos need to go the creators of the Jason Bourne series for forcing action movies to embrace a visceral fight style that made the action/fight scenes here so epic.…

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  • As Above, So Below

    As Above, So Below


    "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate"
    "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

    Not sure how I missed this on previous watches but As Above, So Below is basically a found footage version of 1999's The Mummy. We've got a very pretty and spunky young archeologist who brings a reluctant male (and possible love interest) on a journey through the Paris catacombs to find the Philospher's Stone and ultimately what could be the gate to hell.

    The setting alone is reason…

  • Horrible Bosses 2

    Horrible Bosses 2


    The comic chemistry that Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis delivered so beautifully in the first Horrible Bosses apparently requires good writing.

    I knew this was going to disappoint during the opening scene where the three doofuses are on a morning show to demonstrate their "Shower Buddy" invention and they do one of those "perspective" shots where it looks like one of them is giving the other guy a blow job. I'm trying to remember who made that popular…

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  • Malignant



    ""There's only so many PG-13 movies I can make before I get bored," says the filmmaker.

    Thank you James Wan for saying out loud what all mother-loving horror fans are thinking every time a scene cuts away from gore or a kill in a PG-13 horror movie.

    And then there's the choice quote from Wan the Man: " "You can take the boy out of horror, but you can never take the horror out [of] the boy."

    The two trailers…

  • The Tomorrow War

    The Tomorrow War


    Watching Chris Pratt's character get rejected for a job made my day having myself just recently come out of nine months of unemployment hell.

    The Tomorrow War is completely derivative of Edge of Tomorrow, or Live Die Repeat, or ... what the hell is it called again?!?! The one with aliens and time travel! Starring "everyman doofus" Chris Pratt as Tom Cruise and Yvonne Strahovsk (The Handmaid's Tale) as Emily Blunt.

    And throw in a dash of Starship Troopers and…