Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★½

After watching the surprisingly good prequel to this, I thought I'd revisit Zach Snyder's "second-coming." And I recommend doing a double-feature of Army of the Thieves and the Dead -- the movies do complement each other well.

I'm increasing my score from my first watch, and if any of my fellow LBD friends read this and gave this a "not great but not horrible" review, I'd recommend giving this another shake. It honestly really grows on you.

It's not perfect -- it is way too long and meanders & plods big-time in the middle act -- but after plowing through a crapload of horror movies and a variety of genre films over the last year (both classic and modern) this is near-great.

Imagine you're a jaded horror fan in the early 80's and you first come across Lucio Fulci or Ken Russell. I can see the likely reaction: "He's no John Carpenter or George Romero." Hell, I was alive then and was already starting to develop my biases ("Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento and Ken Russell couldn't touch Romero or Carpenter"). Full disclosure, I still bend my knee to the Carpenter/Romero throne, but I have a new appreciation for the art of genre filmakers like Fulci, Argento and Russell.

Any-who, just give it another chance.

[Steps off high horse.]

Other random thoughts on this re-watch:

This round, l got a real sense of distinct styles laid out over the first hour -- the WTF opening sequence, the bombastic title series, the "recruiting the gang for the heist" scenes, etc.

All the elements really clicked for me this round -- the fantastic score, the memorable characters, the whip-smart dialogue (especially with Tig Notaro), the effects, camera work, etc.. I didn't realize how Snyder's "comic book movie" pedigree came to play here.

Zach Snyder is an artist, pure and simple. Love him or hate him, you're really liking or hating his art.

This was just a blast to watch Halloween weekend.

- Peace, tricks and treats, brothers and sisters. 🎃

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