Lucky ★★★

I hate horror movies in which some characters know the main conceit of the movie but they won't/don't share it with the main protagonist(s), leaving that person and the audience clueless to the very end for no good reason.

The Conjuring is an example of a movie that does not do that. Once the family starts figuring it out, everyone is in the know and supporting each other.

What triggered this thought was the fact that the husband seems to know why the attacker is stalking his wife but frustratingly can't/won't tell her. But to be fair to the film, that's not really apropos to the mystery of the killer. There's a deeper meaning here that my primitive horror brain didn't grasp -- just that the movie was attempting something greater.

This is one of those films that doesn't wrap things up cleanly (reminded me of my frustration with The Dark in the Wicked). If thats' not your cup of tea, you'll struggle with this.

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