No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★

This is a quickie review as I only watched the first half.

As I dove back into Daniel Craig's Bond universe after a long six year hiatus, I was completely lost given the connected mythology that has been unique to Craig's 15 year, five movie run as 007. Mr. White, Blofeld, Madeleine, Oberhaus, and all of the other connected villains and Bond girls that appeared in person or via photos.

I realized I needed to revisit Craig's Bondagrophy, but I watched just long enough to completely fall in love with Ana de Armas, again. I think she's the best Bond girl in all the 25 movies. I may be overstating things given I barely remember the previous four Bond flicks but I honestly tried to remember a woman in a Bond movie that was as fun, gorgeous, charming, bad-ass and all around spectacular.

I'm teeing up Casino Royale now and from memory, Eva Green as Vesper could dethrone Ana. But for now she's my Bond queen.

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