Possessor ★★★★

<Update Dec 28 2020: Giving this another 1/2 after a rewatch. Gripping, well-acted and brutal homage to all things Cronenberg: technology, body, identity and more. >

I just wrote a review about how mainstream critics don't "get" horror, elevating attempts at filmmaking "art" over the basics that horror fans love. Possessor is an exception as it's clearly an "artsy" film where critics (72 Metacritic Score) and users (7.6 Metacritic Score) agree that it's a pretty damn good flick.

The acting is excellent. Andrea Riseborough from Mandy is creepy odd (again) as a mind-possessing assassin, and Christopher Abbott from It Comes at Night is a depressed AND possessed target for the next assassination.

There are too many adjectives to list to give the film justice, so here's just a few: disturbing, violent, bloody, mind-bending, visual, provocative, and more.

While Brandon Cronerberg may have a similar interest in melding technology and horror as his father David Cronenberg, he is introducing his own style and originality. Very much like like Joe Hill has done with father Stephen King.

Which is nothing but a bonus for horror fans.

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